The procedure for receivinga grant for the self-employed in response to the Corona crisis 3rd Update- 5/04/2020

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Dear new immigrants and returning residents,
The following is preliminary information regarding eligibility for a self-employed
grant in response to the Corona crisis and the procedure for applying for the grant.
A. The eligibility criteria – as of 5/4/2020
– Born in 1999 or earlier (turn 20 in 2019).
– The business was active for at least the entire period from 1.9.2019 to 29.2.2020.
– The Annual Income Tax Report for2018fiscal year has been submitted.
– The taxable income in 2018 was less than NIS 240,000.
– The averagebusiness taxable income per month in 2018 was NIS 2,000 or
more (NIS 24,000 a year or more).
– The turnover in March-April 2020 decreased by 25% or more compared to March-
April 2019.
– When submitting for two spouses within the family unit – the total taxable
income of the couple in 2018 was less than NIS 340,000.
– For a business established in 2019 -the application will be considered after a tax
report for 2019 is submitted.
– The business had no violations in bookkeeping management under the Income
Tax Ordinance, as stated in Section 17A of the Work Grant Act.
The grant is based on 65% of the average monthly income of the self-employed for
2018. Fora business established in 2019the grant will be in accordance with the
2019 data.
The grant amount shall not exceed NIS 6,000.
IF the average monthly income isover NIS 16,000 and less NIS 20,000, the grant will
be gradually reduced by 75%of the amount over NIS 16,000. Reduction will be
gradually decreased to NIS 3000.
The grant will be considered as income for the purposes of the Income Tax
Ordinance (taxable) but will not be charged with Social Security and VAT.
The claim can be submitted within 60 days of April 2, 2020
The eligibility check and grant amount calculation will be displayed in the personal
area section in the Tax Authority website.
B. How to apply for the grant from the Tax Authority.
Generating a password: Applicants must enter the Tax Authority website, locate
the customer registration section and follow instructions for online passwordgenerating: back-
For identification purposes the system requires specific personal information
shown on an identity card, driver's license, and passport (two of the three).
The password must be retained for future use.
Please check that the bank account information on the Tax Authority website is
C. Assistance to new immigrants and returning residents in applying for the grant.
The Business Entrepreneurship Division of the Immigration and Absorption
Ministry provides new immigrants and returning residents with personal assistance
in the application process as well as in taxation regulations and economic matters
in all languagesthrough the aid of business consultants.
For assistance, you may contact the Business Information Center using the
following options:
Phone no. *8115 (24 hours a day)
Email –
• The information contained in this document is accurate as of the date of its writing. and
may be subject to further changes and updates. in case of any conflict between the contents
of this document and the provisions of the Act, the provisions of the Act shall prevail.