New immigrants and returning Citizen

Benefits for new immigrants and returning citizen

Business Development

The services for new immigrants and returning citizen.

The Ministry of Immigration and Absorption provides a new and comprehensive "professional toolkit" for the establishment of a business or the development of an existing business.

The services are provided by professional consultants of MATI Holon and Maalot Tel Aviv – Yafo.

ייעוץ עסקי להרחבת עסק קטן
הלוואות ומימון לעסקים

A small business or an existing business

Mapping and preliminary evaluation.
Feasibility study and / or preparation of a business model.
Preparation of a business plan – for the establishment of a business.
At the request of financing for the establishment or upgrading of a business.
For the establishment of a start-up venture
Business consulting and tax information.
Consulting on economic issues.
Visiting the business.
Professional enrichment sessions (workshops).


Providing business, professional and private consulting services to entrepreneurs and business owners and providing practical tools

To improve business operations

The consultation will be given in the areas of business establishment, financial management, taxation, work with banks, marketing, digital marketing, sales, management and more

Duration of activity – for the establishment of a business – up to 5 hours of consultation

For an existing business – up to 20 hours of consultation and accompaniment

Payment of the immigrant – free of charge

Consulting on economic issues

Providing economic, professional and individual counseling services to new immigrants to provide practical tools for managing their home budget and prudent economic management

Duration – up to 5 hours of consultation

Payment of the immigrant – free of charge


• Exposing the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption's assistance tools to immigrant business owners
• Maintaining contact with business owners
• Monitoring the implementation of the assistance program provided during the consultation process
• Locating sources that may constitute risk factors for the business
Payment of the immigrant – free of charge


Providing practical information and tools to participants in all economic matters and / or all that is required to run an independent business, providing additional tools in areas such as costing, financial management, taxation, marketing and advertising, import and export, with banking system and authorities, etc
Payment of the immigrant – 20 NIS per workshop
Workshops Topics:
Legal and tax aspects for immigrants
Networking marketing
Public relations in the business world
Establishing and managing the business
The Art Of Sales
Small business insurance
Using financial reports as a business management tool
Effective Inter-presonal communication methods
Costing and pricing
Cash flow management
Financial management work with banks
Conducting business negotiations
The world of social networking marketing
LinkedIn the business world
Managing a home based business
Creative thinking in marketing

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